Anti Bird Nets in Yousufguda

anti bird nets in Yousufguda

Anti Bird Nets In Yousufguda

In most cities and towns across the world, today there is a major problem of urban birds like crows, pigeons, etc, creating issues for apartments, commercial complexes, etc. Apart from finding balconies of these places, a comfortable setting to take shelter and soil the area with their droppings, they also get easy access from open plumbing ducts and find good nesting areas on the pipes and parapets inside the duct. What happens later is that they create nests and lay eggs, and also droppings which make the area around unclean, emitting a very foul smell. Further, in some cases, the birds sometimes have their nests on top of ACs and release foul fungus that can cause lung diseases.

End result, is that droppings and other foul remittances attract a large presence of maggots and other insects in the open balconies as well as duct areas.

So what’s the solution to prevent such occurrences?

The answer is BIRD’S PROTECTION NET!!!!

We offer a comprehensive array of Bird Protection Nets in varied aesthetic looks, sizes, styles and colours that are specially created to get rid of the menace caused by the birds without hurting or killing them. In addition, we also provide customised nets in line with client’s requirements.

Made of 100% co-polymer nylon, our Bird Protection Nets are extremely solid and act as a very cost-effective permanent solution to deter the presence of urban birds and prevent them from creating havoc by dirtying the area.


Our Bird’s Protection Nets:

  • Are extremely durable and strong, with a long-lasting lifespan
  • Are extremely easy to install, fix and remove
  • Are extremely transparent, and does not block air or light
  • Are dust-free and do not corrode
  • Facilitates energy-absorption and ultra-violet stabilisation
  • Offers Anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties
  • Assures solid and sound protection from fire and water.

In addition to the above, the Bird Protection Nets are fitted with stainless steel hooks, which make them capable of being refitted again.