Nylon Nets

Nylon Nets

Urban birds like crows, pigeons, etc and insects like flies, cockroaches, etc, often find good nesting areas on duct pipes and parapets inside the ducts. They often lay eggs and also droppings that emit foul smell and are health-threatening.

This is where at times; Nylon Nets can be a viable and economical alternative to the more expensive duct area safety nets or balcony nets.

We offer a wide range of Nylon Nets in a host of formats, sizes, dimensions and colours that are safe, efficient and effective for deterring and keeping out all intruders including birds without harming them.

Made of 100% high-density nylon, Nylon Nets are extremely durable with the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and last several seasons. Furthermore, they do not rust, making them ideal to be used in windows, balconies, shafts, and terraces.


  • Easy to install, maintain and care for.
  • Extremely durable with a long-lasting lifespan.
  • Extremely transparent, and does not block air or light.
  • UV-stabilised with the ability to keep away harmful UV rays.
  • Unaffected by sun rays or rain drops on it.
  • Machine-washable, can be washed by a washing machine.

Finally, our Nylon Nets comes with zip-ties (cable ties) or tying nylon ropes which facilitate easy and swift installation.