Glass Protection Nets

Glass Protection Nets

Eyes are a precious part of every human being. People working in glass outfitted structures / buildings or construction sites of glass buildings, can at times be a victim of an accidental glass-fallout which if it falls on the eyes or head can be fatal.

To stay away from glass breakage or any harm resulting from sharp-edged glass-fallout, it’s advisable to have a quality Glass Protection Net in place so as to avoid serious and even fatal accidents.

An economical alternative to expensive enclosure nets, Glass Protection Nets not only assures protection from falling glass-pieces but also from falling debris while helping avoid excessive wind loads on the netting attachment.

We offer Glass Protection Nets, made from high-grade base materials, in varied sizes, styles and colours. In addition, we can also provide customised nets as per client’s specifications, all of which can help avoid accidents at glass buildings or construction sites of glass buildings.


  • Are extremely durable, and long-lasting with a long service-life.
  • Are easy to install and maintain.
  • Are resistant to tears and other unexpected occurrences, thanks to their high-strength
  • Assures protection from fungus and moisture.
  • Requires minimum maintenance.

Available at competitive rates, our Glass Protection Nets make for an ideal choice for safe and secure protection from accidental falling of glass pieces.