Steps Safety Nets

Steps Safety Nets

Children and old people are often always deeply immersed in their play or chore, blissfully unaware of lurking potential dangers. Staircases like swimming pools can be a hazard, for children and old people, unaware of the lurking danger, could accidentally fall or trip over, which can be fatal in certain cases. This is where a Step’s Safety Net comes in as a useful protection barrier and ensures a safe and secure environment.

Ideal for homes, kindergartens or children’s homes with staircases, Step’s Safety Net is a protection barrier for all kinds of unexpected eventualities. It helps prevent small children or old people, from unexpected staircase height hazards like falling, resulting from their romping or crawling or climbing. They are also ideal for retirement or old age homes where older people are at risk from tripping or falling over from staircases.


  • Extremely durable and reliable.
  • Keeps children or old people from hazardous zone of the stairs.
  • Minimises the risk of injury from accidental falling.

Available in varied colours, styles and sizes, our Step’s Safety Nets designed for use on large extensive staircases, can be directly installed on stair-rails or stairwell as staircase nets, on several levels.