Monkeys Safety Nets

Monkeys Safety Nets

If you’re living in a home located on a hilltop or near forest area, there always lies the danger of your home being invaded by monkeys on the lookout for food. Today, even urban areas are also not free with several localities facing severe monkey menace.

Monkeys and other such-like animals / birds often play and live on tree branches. In many cases, such tree branches are adjacent to the terraces or windows or lobbies of residential homes or commercial offices or hospitals. This can be a serious problem for monkeys whether provoked or not, can turn vicious and attack people or just grab things through windows or balconies. Monkey’s Safety Net or Monkey’s Protection Net is an ideal solution to keep monkeys at bay and prevent them from invading or trespassing into your premises.

We offer a variety of Monkey’s Safety Nets for monkey-control fencing, in attractive designs and varied sizes, styles and colours, for a host of requirements. Apart from homes, hospitals and commercial complexes, they can also be used in zoo’s and other wild animal enclosures / parks.


Made from high-quality materials, our Monkey Safety Nets offer following advantages:

  • Extremely durable with high-strength resistance that does not give-in to monkey’s easily.
  • Extremely stable and safe that can withstand a variety of climatic conditions, which means they last long.
  • Allows free flow of air and natural light, without causing unwanted intrusions.
  • Project a luxurious look which in turn will uplift the look of the building premises.

With many trees, the most common habitat of monkeys, around homes or apartments these days, having a high-quality Monkey Safety Net makes sense and keep the premises safe and secure.